Bucuti & Tara - A Hotel that Provides A Luxury Sustainable Travel Experience

Bucuti and Tara Beach Resort is a labor of love.  This small property on a large stretch of Eagle Beach completely changed my expectations about Aruba.  I was expecting high rise hotel after high rise hotel with beaches obstructed with loud beach bars.  Bucuti and Tara is not that.

The luxury of Bucati and Tara is in its quiet simplicity.  There are no weddings and no group bookings guaranteeing a tranquil beach experience.  The property maintains more beach chairs than guests ensuring everyone a spot on the beach at any time of day.  The owners re-invest in the property refurbishing the facilities and keeping the rooms updated.  Light music is limited to happy hour so guests can enjoy the sounds of the ocean.

The guest experience is enhanced with onsite nutrition and wellness experts.  Bucuti and Tara caters to its guests' dietary needs offering vegan, vegetarian and gluten free menus.  Each guest room is equipped with both dehumidifiers and air purifiers ensuring high-quality indoor air.

In addition to the guest experience, the property owners are conscious of the property’s environmental footprint. The property employs a full-time degreed sustainability manager.  The hotel is currently operating with 20% of its power coming from solar with plans for solar power expansion. (The island of Aruba currently get approximately 25% of its power from wind energy and has ambitious plans for the island to get to 100% wind power in the next few years.)

Bucuti Cantine.JPG

Guests can do their part by using the water canteen provided in the rooms.  Aruba’s water supply comes from a desalination plant so the water is fine for drinking. If guests opt for green housekeeping they are rewarded with a resort credit (enough for a cocktail or two).

Bucuti and Tara also invests in the community by showcasing local artist. As well as an ongoing commitment to animal welfare on Aruba.  To date, the property has contributed over 300K on spay and neuter programs.

To book a stay at Bucuti and Tara contact Travel Like a Diva info@TravelLikeADiva.com / (504) 701-1383.  Rates include taxes, breakfast, and wifi.  Plan ahead! This gem of a boutique hotel books well in advance!