Keely's Collaborative Travel Planning Process.png

Discover – We'll start with a chat that will help me get to know you and your travel style. Who are you as a traveler and what are you seeking out of your travel experiences? Which types of trips do you enjoy most (city, culture, culinary, family, nature, active, expedition, cruising)? What are your passions? What level of luxury do you enjoy? Tell me your travel highlights from your previous travels. Share your preferences (and your pet peeves). Which destinations are on your life list of travel dreams?

Collaborate – Now we are getting to the details of a specific trip. We will clarify your needs and desires as a traveler. How do you like to communicate? We will cover travel dates, destinations, and set a budget. We will establish an agreement that covers fees, deposits, and timetables.

Design – I'll engage with my network of colleagues, in-country partners, and travel industry reps to draft an itinerary based on our discovery conversations. You will receive a draft travel itinerary in 1-2 weeks. We will review the carefully edited itinerary together and make any desired revisions.

Reserve – I'll take care of the reservations, logistics, and the details!

Experience - While you are enjoying your travels, I'll be managing and monitoring behind the scenes.

Share – Once you are home from your trip, we will chat again. I want to hear all about your travel experiences and if your travels changed who you are as a traveler. We will apply what we learn to future trips.

If you are ready to start using a professional travel planner, simply email me and we’ll begin planning your next journey!