What to Pack For An African Safari


Safaris can have pretty strict packing limits! In fact, you may have received guidance or even a duffel bag from your safari operator. The good news is that you really don’t need to pack that much. Safari lodges have inexpensive or complimentary laundry services to make it easy for guests to travel lightly. You will want to stick to light neutral colors. Packing so that you can dress in layers is ideal.



I prefer pants pants to shorts for safaris. If the area has mosquitos, pants provide a bit more protection. For a 10 day safari, I would bring 3 pair.



Long sleeve tops that can be layered upon are a smart choice. If you are traveling during the hottest months of the year, light colored T-shirts are just fine.




Base Layers




A lightweight scarf is one of the most practical things to bring on safari. While drivers are generally very courteous and make stops when passing each other, occasionally the dust will fly and it’s nice to have the protection of a thin scarf. If you are traveling by bush plane, they also tend to kick up a lot of dust.


Even some of the most luxurious lodges are lacking in adapters. It’s always smart to bring one along. Note that these are adapters not converters. You will want to check your electronics and appliances for their design voltages.


Long Haul Essentials

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